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Refuel, But How?

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

You were just told you have ten minutes, 30 minutes, one hour, or maybe a whole day to yourself and you need to choose an activity. But, it feels like so much pressure. There are so many things you need and want to do. You have nothing planned and before you know it that time you had is "poof, gone". How can you avoid this happening ever again? I like to call it a "refuel list." Create a list of activities categorized by increments of time to reference when this invitation comes your way again. Make sure to list activities that bring you joy and refuel you in a way that you can show up refreshed for your family. Make sure your list is personalized and not a list of what society thinks should bring you joy. For example, shopping, massages/spa days, running errands, manicures/pedicures are things that do not bring me joy or refuel me. So guess what, I don't do them. We have limited time for ourselves. Stop doing the activities that bring other people joy and focus on what actually refuels you. I know, I know. As a parent it is sometimes hard to shift the mind to what you need. Once you practice using the list you will become more efficient in choosing exactly what you need to refuel and show up better for your family.

Here is a sample of my list:

10-20 minutes

Read a book on the front porch.

Enjoy a piece of chocolate, alone.

Take a bath or shower.

30 to 60 minutes

Go for a short run.

Go for a long run.

Meal prep healthy lunches for the week.

A few hours or whole day

Host a dinner party for a group of six.

Make dinner plans for a group of three.

Go for a hike and casual lunch with a friend.

How do you "Refuel"? I would love to hear!

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