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5 Tips to Help Transition to Kindergarten

So, you’ve got yourself a Kindergartner?

And after a few days of this new “big kid” school thing, you may be wondering what happened to your child. And you may also be wondering, can we just go back to preschool? Where drop offs are flexible and naps are required.

I hear you. The transition to kindergarten is TOUGH. After all the adrenaline and excitement wears off you are left with a precious but overstimulated child who is stuck between being a little kid and learning to be a big kid.

Your child is possibly doing one or all of the following:

Acting out.

Staying quiet.

Wetting the bed.

Having tantrums more frequently.

Having trouble falling asleep or waking up.

Super sensitive to other people and just generally pissed.

As a mom of kindergartner number two, I have been trying some super simple tips for a more peaceful transition. Try these to see if they help your household transition a bit easier.

Respect their quiet

Oh Mama. I know you are excited. You want to know all the things. “How was your day? Who did you play with? What did you learn? What was for lunch?” But, your normally over talkative 5 year old is now unusually quiet. Don't push. Take a step back. They may be tired of talking. I know, shocker. But, after a long day they may just need some quiet. Save the questions for later.

Offer them a snack

Your child is likely very hungry when they get home. They may be too overwhelmed and distracted at school to eat. Offer snacks even if you had grand plans to make “Mom’s special lasagna” for dinner. Your child may fall asleep or meltdown before dinner gets served.

Ask to hold them

Oh now Mama, I know you have a million things on your to-do list. Drop the list and ask your quickly growing 5 year old if you can hold them before they decide to go off to middle school and leave your lap forever. P.S. This tip is also a great excuse to sit on your butt for a few minutes.

Encourage alone time

Even the most extroverted of all the kindergartners could probably use a minute alone right now. They are not used to the extended hours of being around ALL the people. And let’s admit their alone time could help you get dinner together in peace. Go ahead. Throw that frozen pizza in the oven.

Protect their needs

I know it is Friday night and your extended family wants to go out to dinner to celebrate your sister's brother in law’s birthday. That will have to wait. It is the end of the first week of school and your family, especially your kindergartner, could use a Disney and chill kinda night. Politely decline the invite from your family. Or, just say no.

No, I am not promising that these tips will make all the tantrums go away. If you find out the cure for that, please send me an emergency direct message! But, I am wishing you all the patience and empathy you can find during a tough transition. This too shall pass.

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1 Comment

Juliette Haudiquet
Juliette Haudiquet
Aug 13, 2021

Dear Laci, Sophie starts next week. I am so nervous about the tantrums! these tips will surely help, thank you ; sending love and grace to you and Maddie :)

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