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In a world full of waiting, we could all use a little faith. This book speaks to the heart of waiting adoptive parents but could also encourage anyone who finds themselves waiting for that next life goal.


Refuel Your Wait includes heartbreaking and joyful personal stories of infertility, the adoption process, relationships with birth parents, and a medical miracle. This book will ask the reader to turn their wait from a passage of time into an intentional time of prayer, relationship building, and unexpected joy.

What others are saying? 

Refuel Your Wait is a gift to any parched soul. It opens our eyes to the endless possibilities of what God can do when we sit expectantly instead of wait impatiently!Laci’s words are refreshing and give us eyes to see hope and peace as we wait.

–Damaris Avila

Author of Come and See: A 30–Day Devotional of John 1

Refreshing and hopeful, Laci Richter leans on deeply raw personal experiences to connect to the reader and issue a call to action: find purpose in your wait. 

–Ashley Mendoza

Public relations professional and mother via adoption.

"Laci shares how she was able to live intentionally and still find joy during the uncertain time in her life - how she eventually came to realize that the greatest challenges she had to endure actually lead to her life's greatest blessings. 

–Amazon Customer Review


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