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Unanswered Prayers

Today I am sharing an excerpt from my upcoming book "Refuel Your Wait" that can be applied in our current circumstances. Let me know your thoughts.

During my research on adoption, I noticed a common theme among infertile women who adopted. These women were full of gratitude for their infertility. I did not understand the magnitude of their emotion until our first daughter was born and placed in our arms. I have a very vivid memory of the exact moment that emotion and gratitude became real for me. My daughter was only a few weeks old and I laid her to bed after a very long day. I sat down on the couch with my husband and an overwhelming sense of grief and sadness came over me. In that very moment I recognized that if God answered my prayers and pleading to get pregnant then my daughter, who I loved with all my heart, would not be my daughter.

In the very first breath she took I loved her more than I ever imagined. It baffled my mind to think that my biggest prayers answered would have meant a life without her. My life’s most prevalent struggle thus far brought me to her. Now, I finally appreciate the gratitude those women have for their circumstance.

God wants us to be thankful always, every day, in all circumstances. We know that there are days when this is just down right difficult. On the toughest of days is when you will need him the most and on those days is where you will find him. Be thankful for difficult circumstances knowing that he is preparing you for your future even when that future may look differently than you expected.

Wait With Courage

Have you had a circumstance that brought you to a relationship with God? Perhaps the challenges of quarantine or "shelter in place orders" are the current circumstances that could bring you into a personal relationship with Jesus?

Are you able to express praise and thankfulness in hard moments or only once the hard moments are over? Can you list blessings right now that are occurring during this pandemic? Can you find a reason to praise Him now in this moment and not wait until the pandemic is over?

List a specific moment in your life that you remember asking God “why” only later to praise him for that very moment.

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