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One month ago I posted my writing about the apprehension of how school would look for us this season. Information was changing daily and there were numerous and diverse plans formulating each specific to your corresponding school district. At the time, I was mostly concerned about the uncertainty of it all and making the choice for my kids to attend in person or school from home. I was also feeling disappointed for expectations of what the first school year with both my girls attending school would look like for me. I had plans.

One month later, my thoughts have changed. I am now not as concerned as to what school looks like or where school will be taking place. You see, now our summer is like an out of control train speeding head first into a wall with that wall being me. We are all done with summer in this house. After the joy of many relaxing and unstructured summer days, our attitudes have turned edgy. A month ago my girls would play for thirty to forty five minutes without an altercation. Today that time has been cut to about ten to fifteen minutes. Our huge house seems smaller and smaller every day. The amount of dirty socks on the floor and dirty dishes in the sink have seemed to multiply overnight.

As we moms do, I question myself and wonder what am I doing wrong? Luckily, my husband steps in to remind me that this is what the end of summer always feels like. Even after we craved the longer days and the flexibility, we now need something different. We need schedules and structure. We need learning and development. We need the potential of fresh sharpened pencils and brand new crayons. We need that one new outfit and a fresh hair style. We need the promise of a successful school year filled with unforeseen lessons and unexpected connections. We need school.

Yesterday, I worried about the uncertainty of what school would look like when we returned. Today, I rejoice in the certainty of structure and the promise of an adventurous year of learning new lessons.

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