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I Am Listening

You know what I am good at? Talking.

As a writer and speaker and constant thinker, I have so much I want to say and share.

You know what I am not good at? Listening.

Even if I am silent and look like I am listening, what I am really doing is waiting to reply with all the words, suggestions, encouragement, and advice that is flying around in my head.

This year, I have been prompted to learn to be a better listener. I am going to admit this will be a challenge for me, but I am committed. I will aim for putting the phone down, locking eyes, hand on the arm kind of listening. Because that is the kind of listening I crave from others too.

Listening to my children will be the toughest challenge of all. They use so many words, pauses, distractions, and made up stories. It takes hours (probably just minutes) for them to complete a story. Sometimes their needs come in the form of crying, screaming, stomping and more. But, I am determined to listen.

Have you been told you are a “good listener”?

Tell me your tips and tricks to become a better listener.

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