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Season of No Expectations

Hey Mama!

Yeah, you with the little ones who are not walking yet and likely not sleeping through the night . I see you. I see you scrolling social media. I see you wondering how some moms are getting dressed for the day, rocking exercise habits, meal planning, and starting businesses. I see you wondering how they are getting it all done and feeling bad that you are not. I see you struggling to swim but the waves keep crashing.

But here is the thing, Mama. Those women may have older children, or extra help, or they just run at a different speed. If you have babies under preschool age, those of us who have been there don't expect anything of you. You are literally in the season of "no expectations". Sit back.

We know that it was a struggle just to get out of your robe by mid morning. We know you likely won't brush your teeth until your husband sends a text to say he is on his way home from work. We know that you may eat tortilla chips and melted cheese for lunch, that is, if you eat at all. We know that you are being woken up several times a night for multiple reasons. We know that sometimes those reasons are because you are quite certain your child has some life threatening sickness that doesn't exist but you google it anyway. Or that you are positive they will get wrapped so tightly in their blankets that even you can't get them out. Or that you are positive your four month old is scared of thunder and lightening although they are sound asleep. (True story for my husband when our daughter was a baby).

You see, Mama, for those of us who are just on the other side of your season, we remember. We remember and we expect absolutely nothing of you in this season. We remember so well that we want to serve you. If we ask "do you need coffee?" Say yes. Do you need someone to pick up some diapers and milk for you? Say yes. Do you need someone to hold your baby while you cry in a hot shower? Say yes.

And if someone does expect you to workout, create an Etsy shop, or brush your teeth before noon, then they have never been in your slippers before or it has been too long for them to remember.

I see you, Mama. I expect nothing of you, Mama. Please go take a nap!


Your fellow Mom who just changed seasons.

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